Dear Santa:

6 12 2010

I thought I was being good this year. Then I found out I have ADHD.

Holiday Festiveness.

People who have problems often get really great stuff for Christmas, so I had been wondering what wonderful things might be under the tree for me this yuletide season.

A lot of research later, and I’m wondering if I should even bother putting up a tree. Read the rest of this entry »


Fitting into the colony …

22 11 2010

I finally watched ANTZ, for the first time. Sorry, I don’t always run out to see the latest movie, and besides I didn’t think I would like it. Was I right? You decide. Read the rest of this entry »

ADHD Awareness Week …

16 09 2010

Wow, this seems like an oxymoron, being aware of my inability to pay attention consistently. But I do get it. It’s not for me, it’s for others.

It’s for the people who don’t understand, the people who need to be made aware, the people who think that ADHD is exclusively a childhood problem, the people who think it is an indicator of low intellectual function and worst of all, the ones who think it’s a joke. Read the rest of this entry »

Myth or Myth-er?

13 09 2010

Before I knew I had ADHD I was as uneducated about it as the next uneducated person. Sorry that sounds redundant, but bear with me.

It all ADDs up now …

I didn’t understand ADHD but I also knew I was easily distracted. This knowledge allowed me to be compassionate with people who had ADHD. Read the rest of this entry »

Money isn’t everything …

16 08 2010
inspired by daVISA1

Yes, that’s true, it isn’t everything, there are other things in life: debt, bills, service fees, the list goes on. Okay, in the spirit of the sentiment I’ll admit that there are good things in life that have nothing to do with the filthy lucre. There is poetry, laughter, love, and music … Read the rest of this entry »

Lost and Found

10 08 2010

Okay, a couple of months ago I confessed to being ADHD. I admit I’m undiagnosed, but I promise I’m either ADHD or a hypochondriac, and neither one is good. Actually, I’m sure I’m ADHD, being a hypochondriac requires more focus and attention than I can muster. Read the rest of this entry »

Buzz Bars? What the @%&!™Ð are buzz bars?

3 08 2010

I love buzz bars. I don’t know what they’re really called, I call them buzz bars. Those striations on the road that make your entire car vibrate as you approach an intersection or other roadway feature that requires attentiveness. All other types of warning pale by comparison. Buzz bars make their presence known. Lights are distracting and signs are easily missed, but those buzz bars … Read the rest of this entry »

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