The Trail.

3 12 2010

Milkweed husks along the trail

We’ve had snow this year. A couple of times it’s come down and stayed for a bit – well a few hours, a day and a half maybe. But today, I think it’s here to stay for the season.

When I went for my walk today it involved layers of clothes and my funny Cannuck hat with the rabbit fur and the ear flaps. I wore heavier boots and of course my light winter coat (I’ll keep the heavy coat in reserve for when the temps drop below 0°F). Once I clipped my big mitts to my belt and slung my canvas camera bag over my shoulder I looked like I was ready for the trap line. I did leave the snowshoes at home (but I do have a pair of them, eh!). Warm summer days are a kind of warm we can all appreciate, but the warmth of being well dressed on a cold day is a special feeling. Read the rest of this entry »


On the Road Again

30 11 2010

Okay, I’ve blogged about driving, and we’ve come to the conclusion that I’m a great driver but the roads are all crooked and everyone else on them isn’t watching where I’m going. I know you’re all working on that, some of you may be improving a little – we’ll see how that goes. Read the rest of this entry »

ADD-Apt or get out!

3 09 2010

I had this brilliant idea that, as is often the case, started out as a joke. I stated on facebook that I was going to start a website called ADD-Verse for ADHD poets to publish their work. The idea was taken seriously so the site was begun.

A similar situation arose from the lack of ADD coaches and support groups in this area. Read the rest of this entry »

Buzz Bars? What the @%&!™Ð are buzz bars?

3 08 2010

I love buzz bars. I don’t know what they’re really called, I call them buzz bars. Those striations on the road that make your entire car vibrate as you approach an intersection or other roadway feature that requires attentiveness. All other types of warning pale by comparison. Buzz bars make their presence known. Lights are distracting and signs are easily missed, but those buzz bars … Read the rest of this entry »

My life is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, everything …

9 07 2010

I ain’t a rainbow kinda guy!

You know, I’m not all rainbows and moonbeams and flower power. Okay, I do appreciate the beauty around me, hell, I photograph things like this more than I do people. Maybe I am, to some extent, somewhat about rainbows. But I’m mud and grease and rocks and “rock and roll” too. I think I’m half way between hippie and suit most of the time. Read the rest of this entry »

Walk it off

7 06 2010

A step in the right direction.

I’ve been walking for my health off and on for a few years now and I have to say, it’s not as boring as I thought it would be. I mean, if you’ve read my post on driving, you already know I’m never alone (at least not in my head). Add to this the MP3 player, the GPS unit, my camera and voice recorder and my note pad and pen, it’s really a wonder I get any walking done. Read the rest of this entry »

I remember …

12 05 2010

Where were you in ’62?

Quench your thirst for reminiscence.

Quench your thirst for reminiscence.

I don’t remember 1962. Well, only vaguely. I don’t remember Kewpie Dolls. I don’t remember buying orange pop in bottles that had the shape of an orange incorporated into the design although I’ve seen the bottles. Lately, though, I’ve been reminiscing about things I haven’t seen in a while. Lucky Elephant Popcorn in a cardboard box, all day suckers that lasted all day(unless they were dropped), pop costing ten cents to drink in the store, twelve cents to take out. You got the two cents back when you returned the empty bottle and that would buy you a few pieces of Double Bubble chewing gum. Read the rest of this entry »

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