ADHD Awareness Week …

16 09 2010

Wow, this seems like an oxymoron, being aware of my inability to pay attention consistently. But I do get it. It’s not for me, it’s for others.

It’s for the people who don’t understand, the people who need to be made aware, the people who think that ADHD is exclusively a childhood problem, the people who think it is an indicator of low intellectual function and worst of all, the ones who think it’s a joke. Read the rest of this entry »


ADD-Apt or get out!

3 09 2010

I had this brilliant idea that, as is often the case, started out as a joke. I stated on facebook that I was going to start a website called ADD-Verse for ADHD poets to publish their work. The idea was taken seriously so the site was begun.

A similar situation arose from the lack of ADD coaches and support groups in this area. Read the rest of this entry »

I can relate to relationships …

30 08 2010

It was the best of times, it was … well you know this stuff, right?

Relationships are tricky at the best of times. When two people try to interact, they often start out feeling like they know each other completely. This false sense of intimate knowledge can be carried on for quite a while as they make use of transference and denial to maintain a friendship that makes them feel a warm and positive bond. Read the rest of this entry »

Taylor Sings …

28 07 2010

Okay, a bit of a stretch, actually, I prefer to write music and have other people sing it, at least I think that’s what I prefer, but I can’t get anyone to actually sing my stuff. Someone pointed out that the problem could be that no one has heard my stuff. I thought that was foolish, people ought to be lined up for blocks to be the first to record my music.

To prove my point, I’m putting a link to one of my songs, my latest, right here on the old blog so that you all can check out my music.

Special One

Listen and suffer …


Happy Anniversary.

21 07 2010

A little something about marriage that I’d like to share. About two years ago, when my wife and I had been married for around twenty four years this little verbal transaction occurred in the kitchen of our house. Read the rest of this entry »

Family Reunion

12 07 2010

It’s a hard job, but …

I spent the weekend at family reunions. One was miles away, the other was right here in town. The “miles away” one wasn’t my family, it was the family of a friend and I offered to drive. (The things I’ll do for food …)

The deal was that this reunion fell on my friend’s mother’s birthday, and my friend had told her family that she wouldn’t be able to make it. We drove down under cover of semi-heavy traffic and my friend snuck up behind her eighty-plus year old mother and kissed her on the cheek. Of course, pandemonium ensued. I endured accolades for being the deliverer of joy, I liked that, a lot. Call me Santa Claus. Tears flowed (not mine though! …okay, maybe a few were) and the result was a happy reunion. Read the rest of this entry »

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