Money isn’t everything …

16 08 2010
inspired by daVISA1

Yes, that’s true, it isn’t everything, there are other things in life: debt, bills, service fees, the list goes on. Okay, in the spirit of the sentiment I’ll admit that there are good things in life that have nothing to do with the filthy lucre. There is poetry, laughter, love, and music … Read the rest of this entry »


Phone Company Revenge …

28 07 2010

In my day an event was … well an event. Something exciting, a one of a kind sort of thing or at least not an everyday occurrence. Imagine my surprise, I was going over my cellular phone bill and I saw a charge for 15¢. It said it was for an ‘event’. Read the rest of this entry »

Set Sale (huh?)

2 07 2010

I used to be an auctioneer. Seems odd, looking back, that I was able to deal with all the noise and confusion, but then I was probably thinking I was in control. Little did I know … Read the rest of this entry »

The Shopping Cart Rule

23 06 2010

Those of you who know me well know that I don’t particularly like to go shopping. Once there and resigned to the task I usually engage and become amenable, even participatory, but I don’t look forward to it. Read the rest of this entry »

I remember …

12 05 2010

Where were you in ’62?

Quench your thirst for reminiscence.

Quench your thirst for reminiscence.

I don’t remember 1962. Well, only vaguely. I don’t remember Kewpie Dolls. I don’t remember buying orange pop in bottles that had the shape of an orange incorporated into the design although I’ve seen the bottles. Lately, though, I’ve been reminiscing about things I haven’t seen in a while. Lucky Elephant Popcorn in a cardboard box, all day suckers that lasted all day(unless they were dropped), pop costing ten cents to drink in the store, twelve cents to take out. You got the two cents back when you returned the empty bottle and that would buy you a few pieces of Double Bubble chewing gum. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m Sold, How advertising is making me ill …

11 05 2010

I like to think I’ve become immune to advertising. I snarl at the TV when an advert comes on that I find offensive or particularly insulting to my perception of my intelligence. I vow never to buy those products and try not to talk about them to others (no advertising is bad advertising), I don’t even talk about the commercials I don’t like. But how did I get here? How did I get to the point where I distrusted and/or disliked certain advertisements so vehemently? Read the rest of this entry »

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