This blog is done!

31 12 2010

Or to quote Douglas Adams “Goodbye and thanks for all the  fish!”

This blog is done. What? You’re going to miss it? Both of you? Really? Well, don’t despair, this blog is done … being posted at WordPress. My hosts for the past nine months and 57 posts have been great, but I wanted something more. I wanted to be able to use Java and strips that out at publication time. Also, although the stats page is a great beginning it isn’t as great as Googles Analytics, and Analytics requires me to have access to my source code that doesn’t allow.

So I’ve packed up my stuff and moved. I went to Kelly’s web page and they gave me a corner office with a huge desk and a credenza. I piled all my stuff on the credenza so I can’t actually see what it looks like, some day I’ll put all that junk away and describe the thing to you. I’m kinda curious myself, should have looked when I first got here, eh?

And the move is complete, you can go to the new site and have a look around. All the content that’s here has been packed up and schlepped over there by diligent movers. Posts and even comments, anything that was part of this site that I didn’t want to take with me has been left sitting in boxes in corners.

If you subscribe to this page, I’ll try to set up your subscription at the new page. If I can’t, I’ll let you know and you can do it yourself (unless you were looking for an excuse to opt out of this service).

So that’s it, I’m outta here. I’ll probably come back to pick up some stuff. But, in the words of  Jacob Marley “Look to see me no more.”. At least look to see me here no more, look to see me at the new

Tao Of Taylor
Happy New Year!



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