10 Tips for a Happy ADHD Christmas

20 12 2010

“ADHD is a context driven disorder.”

Okay, we’ve all heard this, but what does it really mean? And once we understand what it means, how do we use that knowledge to our advantage?

Taylor's tree only took 6 days to decorate ...

Well, the answer to the first question is easy. “Context driven” simply means that under certain conditions (in a particular context) our symptoms will be made (driven to be) more prevalent. An ADHDer may, for example, have very little problem carrying on a normal conversation, but when that same ADHDer is in a job interview the stress may well make that person incapable of focusing on the questions being asked. Or they may have trouble refraining from saying the first wildly funny thing that comes to mind (wildly funny but quite possibly completely inappropriate).

Knowing that this context driven issue exists, we may be able to help ourselves by being prepared for this. Accepting our difficulties and planning ahead for issues we know are possible can be very helpful in reducing stress. Reducing stress can play a big role in reducing our ADHD symptoms. And if ever there was a time when we need less stress, less “context”, it’s during the holidays.

So what am I gonna do about it?

With this in mind, I’ve prepared a list of 10 tips for dealing with the stress of Christmas – okay, not really. Actually, I’ve made a list of tongue-in-cheek suggestions in the hope that I might make you laugh a little. Why? ‘Cause laughing also reduces stress and I’m always looking to reduce stress for ya!

So here they are,

10 great tips for a Happy ADHD Christmas:

  • In a pinch post-its make great gift tags.
  • Buy non-Christmassy gifts. When you don’t get them delivered to the recipient for Christmas they can double as birthday gifts.
  • When buying clothing for children, always err on the large size. The little devils tend to grow so the gift may fit by the time they get it.
  • Colour comics and glossy fliers make great wrapping paper when you discover that you: didn’t buy any/ran out/can’t find the stuff you were sure you put in the closet.
  • Can’t find the tape? That’s what staplers are for.
  • Try using paper take-out bags to wrap clothing in. This makes for great smelling sweaters and shirts. You can also tell people it’s the new “environmentally responsible” wrap.

    Tips include staples, post-its and lottery tickets.

  • Lottery tickets make great last minute gifts, and if you don’t deliver them on time you might just end up rich enough to buy presents that are so fantastic no one will care if they’re late.
  • It’s a great time of year to go on a diet – gets you out of baking. Bee tee dub, consider a vegetarian or vegan diet to avoid being tapped to cook the turkey.
  • Never buy calendars as gifts.
  • And lastly … okay, I couldn’t actually come up with ten, but I refuse to stress over it. You think up a few. Send them in as comments, I dare ya!

So that’s my tips, make the best of them. And yes, most of them have been tested by me personally so I guarantee that you’ll find them useful … or not.

And don’t let that 5 days ‘til Christmas thing get to you, lots of time to stress yet.

P.S. stay tuned for my Christmas gift to every one on December 24th. Taylor.



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