Fitting into the colony …

22 11 2010

I finally watched ANTZ, for the first time. Sorry, I don’t always run out to see the latest movie, and besides I didn’t think I would like it. Was I right? You decide.

Timing is everything

When this movie came out I would have had no frame of reference for the opening scene. In it, Woody Allen’s character, “Zee”, is in a session with his analyst. I still would have found it funny, still would have laughed (well, as much as I did), but part of me would have been saying “Is this what seeing a mental health professional is like?”

Okay, to be fair I did see a psychiatrist when I was ten, once, with my parents in the room at the time. We sat in chairs facing a desk. The doctor sat on the other side of the desk asking questions. I didn’t know it was as session. There was no couch. I thought it was an interview to decide if I needed to see him or not.

Tag, you’re it!

I was tagged as an acceptable member of society. I was declared normal (-ish) and sent on my way. Told to rest, I think (I was a wee touch hyperactive). No drugs, no programs, no further appointments.

Back to the movie

In that opening scene in ANTZ, Zee came to the conclusion that he was an insignificant part of the hive. His doctor declared this to be a “breakthrough”. Zee thought that was wrong, thought he should be allowed to have independent thoughts, to act independent of the colony. And thus the plot is introduced.

I think I understand Zee’s problem. I look around me and I seem to be surrounded by people who work hard, get ahead, stay on track, follow a plan, retire, grow old … I’ve fallen way behind, I don’t fit in. But do I want to catch up? I love to work hard and I’d love to get ahead. Staying on track and following a plan sound very productive, if somewhat boring. But retire? … grow old?

I need to have my head examined

Okay, retirement won’t ever be an option for me, I got debts ya know. And growing old happens no matter what we do (although some think we ADHDers don’t age as fast as the normans).

I guess my point is that we not only don’t fit in, we really can’t fit in. Maybe at the ADDiva web site with a disguise if needed. Or apparently as audience members at Cirque du Soleil. But other than that – we are Zee!

Aaah, another happy ending

At the end of the movie Zee confesses to being happy as part of the ant colony. But he says it’s ’cause it’s his choice. Nice to be able to choose, eh?

I guess I’m not Zee after all. I may revisit this movie later, there are other areas to explore; love, friendship, loyalty … or I may find better examples to draw comparisons toalthough, lord knows my life seems like a bad cartoon a lot of the time.




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