Ravens and Tamaracks and Me, the strange company I keep.

17 11 2010

Sometimes ADHD keeps me from feeling like I belong.

There are things in this world that I feel a kinship towards. They are entities that I emotionally try to emulate, flora and fauna that remind me of qualities I strive for. Ravens come to mind. Ravens, and Tamaracks. I feel I belong to their families.

Maybe they don’t want me …

Perhaps I am deluded. It seems to me that Ravens appear, on the outside, to be common, average. But, they call to me singly or in groups with a knowing laugh in their rasping voices.

The spirit of the Raven

Ravens have a secret they would have me keep, and I must ask you to do the same. The secret is that they hide a joie de vivre, a love of life and shiny things under their dark black attire. On brilliant days you will catch a glimpse, a quick flash, of this secret. The sunlight reveals that the ravens colour isn’t black, it is iridescent. It is purples, golds and greens, the colours of royalty and nature.

Like the raven, I hide what’s inside. But life calls my bluff. Things happen, situations conspire to make me realize that I can’t always keep my ADHD under cover. It flashes at times, uncontrolled. I don’t always realize that it’s showing, sometimes I’m told.

The spirit of the Tamarack

Tamaracks bring this same lesson home to me in a different way. In summer, Tamaracks look like many other evergreens. You can tell them apart from the other trees, but if you aren’t looking closely, you don’t recognize the difference. You see a group of trees and your mind says “trees”.

But when autumn comes around, the Tamaracks change colour with the deciduous trees, the maples and oaks. Their needles turn a shade of golden rust. Then, just as they set the coniferous forest ablaze with fiery colour, their needles drop to the forest floor.

The lesson is, I can look like many other people, but sooner or later, a situation will occur that will reveal me to be who I am, someone with ADHD.

Tamaracks have another lesson for us to learn, they teach us that we can come back, again and again. Next spring, when the willow is the first leaf bearing tree to start showing a golden green colouring, the Tamarack will be getting ready to re-clothe itself. It will grow and thrive and start the whole cycle again. An example of tenacity if ever there was one.

Lets all be like the Tamarack, lets rest when we need to, and come back stronger than ever. And like the ravens, when our true colours show, lets learn to laugh it off and keep going. Our power is in our ability to persevere. If we do not use that power, we will succumb to the worlds criticisms.

If I can have your ear for one more moment …

I have a little more to say on this topic. Like the Raven, lets keep our eyes open for shiny things, and show off our true iridescent colours every now and then. And like the Tamarack lets remake our images when it suits us, lets rethink how we want to appear, lets show our strength, our ability to come back fresher and stronger. We may not be able to make people jealous of our lives, but lets make them admire our strengths, lets admire our own strengths.




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17 11 2010

nice, ‘cuz. xoct

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