Nancy Ratey, Effervescence Personified!

16 11 2010

Okay, last night I snuck in to an ADDiva Webinar, I have one of those names. I signed up, and no one questioned my gender. It was “Hi Taylor, welcome to ADDiva.” and I was in.

Deep behind enemy lines

I was feeling like an intruder, an interloper, until Linda Roggli said that men were welcome. I still didn’t confess, but I felt more comfortable about my presence.

So why was I there? A friend of mine told me about the webinar (web based seminar) and also told me that the effervescent and uncontainable Nancy Ratey would be the guest speaker. I have wanted to meet this woman for some time now but living in a different country has made that difficult. “Here’s your chance, Taylor.” I told myself.

What’s the attraction

I’ve read snippets of things she’s written and bits of stuff about her. It always seemed too good to be true. Adjectives like ‘amazing’ and ‘wonderful’ seem to be all anyone can come up with to describe her. Usually those kinds of weak words throw up red flags for me, but they keep coming up consistently. I wanted to see why people were so speechless, why their internal thesauruses failed them.

The first part of the webinar was Linda Roggli telling us what was coming up. This morphed into Nancy and Linda et al going through the technical setup.

Nancy had some trouble setting up her end of the audio and video but this alone was worth the price of admission. Nancy makes ADHDers feel normal, I mean that in the best possible way. While she struggles with her personal set of ADHD symptoms and traits taken from the same collection as ours are, she never seems to let that struggle get her down, she makes it okay.

Before the official start, people were commenting on her vivaciousness and sense of humour. When we were barely half an hour into the presentation, many were making remarks about their sides hurting and their jaws aching from laughing.

It wasn’t long enough

As the hour and a half long session progressed (and stretched into two hours), it became apparent that the greatest lesson Nancy has to share is her acceptance of her ADHD and her ability to laugh as she deals with the effects it has on her life.

People asked questions, Nancy answered, sharing her experience and knowledge. She never declined to answer, no mater how personal the question. She happily spun her laptop around to show us her office, her desk top, her clip board and her many months of calendar pages on the wall.

What we got

She spoke with vigour about hilarious situations and life experiences that exemplified the effects of ADHD and Dyslexia. In short, she shared anything that she felt might help anyone in attendance last night.

There is only one negative thing I can say in regards to my experience at the ADDiva webinar last night: we need to get together, as a group, and come up with a word to describe Nancy Ratey. It needs to be one we can easily remember, one that means wonderful, bubbly, smart, witty, intelligent, kind and honest. Or, we can just decide that the name Nancy Ratey means all of those things. That might be best.

One thing is certain, I’m keeping my wig and shawl handy so I can sneak back to the next ADDiva webinar. Wow!




3 responses

18 11 2010
Linda Roggli

Hey Taylor – you are ALWAYS welcome at the ADDiva Network! Nancy IS amazing (and I DO have a thesaurus BTW), as are ALL ADDivas. Bless every one of them and let their ADHD bloom in the world. We need each other!

19 11 2010

Thanks Linda, Bless you too, and your web site. Gathering places for us ADHDers are so very important and yours is one of the safe and friendly variety. I encourage all ADDivas and all those who support them to visit and see how great a web site can be. ~ Taylor

24 11 2010
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