ADHD Victims, more food for thought.

14 10 2010

I know I’ve suffered. I’ve recently been diagnosed with ADHD and I look back on a life of grief. But a common theme running through my life makes me realize that there is suffering much worse then mine. I’m talking about the suffering of food.


ADHD in the kitchen

The food that suffers the most at the hands of ADHDers is food that requires refrigeration. Not once, not ten times, but many, many times I have unloaded things from my fridge to get at something in the back and, having gotten what I needed, left sensitive things out on the counter.


Worse still then the refrigerator is the freezer compartment above the fridge. I’ll take things out and set them on top of the unit, above my line of sight, and there they shall remain, usually ‘til the next day. Then I notice then, too late to save the poor things. I either have to cook whatever it was or throw it out. On the plus side, I’ve been forced to eat some pretty good food, things I’d been saving for company. Oh well, my loss is … er … my gain, I guess.


ADHD in the driveway

Another situation occurs when I’m bringing in the groceries, I’ll grab bags out of the car and set them on the steps inside my side door and go back for another load. Stepping past the first pile on the stairs with every intention of coming back for them after I deliver the load in my arms, I walk into the kitchen while my mind wanders into a daze. I may, if I’m lucky, find the stair step bound foodstuffs before the ice creme has turned completely to liquid and the ham starts looking like oil slick on the surface of a sun splashed puddle. I may, but more likely I will not.


ADHD out and about

There are even random acts of cruelty perpetrated on food that don’t fall under specific categories. For instance, once, while standing with a cigarette in my left hand and a coffee in my right hand I was asked what time it was. I immediately rotated my right hand to look at my watch, dumping out my coffee. In this instance, my attire also suffered.


Another time I hastily loaded several items into the back seat of my two door car and then climbed in behind the wheel and drove across town to my sister-in-law’s place. When I arrived, I found my coffee cup still sitting on the roof of my car. I’d even driven up a rather steep hill and still, there it sat. The coffee? Mostly blown away, and what was left was cold and had several bugs floating in it. A senseless waste indeed.


So, the conclusion … if you have ADHD, and many of you know who you are, please try to stop the senseless waste of innocent food and beverages. Their safety is in your hands. By the Way, what time is it?




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