Comes the reckoning!

9 09 2010

Okay, in a previous post I said: “I haven’t been able to part with the cash. I keep thinking, once it’s gone, it’s gone. I suddenly realized that it’s not a real thing. It isn’t a person and it sure as hell isn’t a friend. I’ve lost two years of my life worrying about this and I can’t get them back, so the cash has cost me some time, a piece of my life, and that’s just wrong.”

I also said: “The bottom line is this, having money can cause as much grief as not having any. So I’ve resolved to do something about it. This week, I’m blowing it … well, I’m spending it on the thing I’ve been contemplating.”

I kept that thing a secret, until now. Some of you will remember that I owned a 30 foot cabin cruiser years ago. I was younger and only thought I knew everything. I still long to be on the water, but I like to think I’m wiser now. So to return to the water, I’ve purchased a 22 foot cruiser. The old one weighed in at seven tons, 14,000 lbs. The new one barely makes it past the one ton mark. The old one was 47 years old when I bought it, the new one is 21 years old, the old one was wooden, the new one is glass, the old one was … well the old one is gone, who cares. The new one just is!

Let’s get this boat in the water!

So last night, it went in. Yes there is only two months of boating left up here in the great white north, but two months is all I need to get myself accustomed to the water again, next year … look out. (well, don’t look out, I’m not going to be going flat out through swimming areas or anything stupid, I just meant WooHoo!)

Setting a straight course, or not …

So what has this got to do with my tao? I’m so glad you asked. I realized, last night, that the boat wasn’t anything real either. Like money, it isn’t a person and it isn’t really a friend. In fact, it could become an expense.

And lord knows it could be a distraction. If it ends up being what I hope for, however, a place for meditation, a place for mulling over inspiration and perhaps, yes, a distraction, (or a way of getting to these things) then I’m happy. I don’t think the bank would have let me into the vault to sit with my money.

So there’s the secret, revealed. If anyone wants to suggest a name for this boat, feel free. But I am kinda stuck on “ADD-Water” so your suggestion has to beat that.

So now, it’s sink or swim. Pretty cool, eh?




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