The wait for/weight of Medication

6 09 2010

Wholly Tao Batman!

I’ve always thought that a holistic approach to health had a lot to offer. The idea that the body, in its entirety, should have a say in its own treatment is an amazing concept. If we accept this concept then we must consider the body’s cravings as part of that information, as having some validity. After all, shouldn’t it know if it needs something? Shouldn’t it know if something is missing? Off balance? Wrong?

Take another look

Well, yes and no. Just to play devil’s advocate to myself, I posed the question “What if your body needs something because its ability to tell whether it needs something is gone?” Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch even though it could be true. But it made me wonder something else. With no knowledge of what medication, natural or otherwise, is available other than what it has already experienced, how does your body know what it needs? The answer is, it doesn’t! I know there are people who have thrown themselves into belief systems that include concepts of cellular or genetic memory, which would have us believe that the body is aware of things it hasn’t experienced first hand. But in the absence of proof I’m ignoring those concepts.

My body craves alcohol, nicotine and caffeine, stimulants all. Does it know there are more appropriate stimulants out there? It does not! Do I? … well I do now, but I didn’t a year ago.

What a difference a year makes

In fact, a year ago I didn’t know I had ADHD, didn’t know I was self-medicating. I thought I was enjoying myself. Admittedly, I had to quit drinking over twenty-five years ago. I’m not going to go into details here, but it was an ugly situation. I also quit smoking fifteen years ago. My lungs were unable to keep up with my pack and a half habit. But as recently as six months ago, I was scarfin’ down the coffee at an alarming 12 to 18 cup/day rate.

I’ve cut back to six cups a day and added exercise induced endorphins to my pharmacological approach to life.

… it’s getting better all the time …

And life is better now, but recent comments have led me to believe that I need more information. From one camp I’m hearing how much of a positive effect stimulants have had on ADHD-ers who know their stuff. From across the valley the champions of the ‘diet and exercise’ camp are calling for a natural approach to my health. Who is right, and how can I be sure? I don’t know. Guess I’ve got some studying to do yet. I’m encouraged, though, by the concern that both groups have for me and especially by the respect I’m being shown with regard to this being my decision.

But, in the absence of a diagnosis this question is academic. When a diagnosis is forthcoming, hopefully in the near future, I’ve decided to listen, very closely, to the doctor who performs that task with regard to medication.

I think that’s a pretty damned holistic approach

I want to know what it’s like to feel calm. In fact, in my holistic audit, the word from my body is that I’m craving it. And I’ll take that feeling any way I can get it. If that means drugs (doctor prescribed pharmaceutical treatment), I’m there. But if my personal situation points toward behaviour modification and coaching, I’ll take the endorphins of exercise, the quiet hummm of coffee and the helpful steadying support of family and friends, and just keep hoping for that calm, still feeling to catch up to me. I just wish to hell I could slow down long enough for that to happen.




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