Happy Anniversary.

21 07 2010

A little something about marriage that I’d like to share. About two years ago, when my wife and I had been married for around twenty four years this little verbal transaction occurred in the kitchen of our house.

Enter, Taylor, stage right

First, I’ll set the scene. I had been outside working in the yard (cutting the grass, don’t weep for me, I have a tractor) and had come in for a cold glass of water, it being a hot day. Being a reasonably well trained husband, I stood at the kitchen counter and drank over the sink. Being a man, I still ended up spilling water down my chin.

I finished the glass and set it on the back of the sink. I washed my hands under the tap and went to the fridge to get the hand towel off the fridge door. After drying my hands I wiped off my face where the water had spilled.

Is this what’s meant by “staring daggers?”

My wife looked at me in horror. I stopped dead in my tracks. (I know enough to stop doing everything when it looks like one of the things I’m doing is wrong) I slurred the universal “Wha?” which is husband talk for “OMG, I’m so sorry, did I forget our anniversary or the kids at day care or was it my turn to re-shingle the roof or …” (okay, we ain’t got no kids, but you get the idea of what goes through the mind) My wife spoke slowly and clearly so that I could understand. “That,” she pointed at the towel in my hand, “is not a lip towel.”

Cliff hanger time!

I don’t mind telling you that this is a fearsome spot to be in. You think it seems to be a plain, straight up, trivial nuisance item and you’ll be forgiven. But – and here’s where it can get tricky – this could be one of those things that just defies understanding, like bed skirts or contoured mats around the toilet. I decided confession was the best route to travel. This can get you out of the mine field that is that no-mans land of confusion we call … well, we call it no-mans land, because no man can navigate it.

I looked my wife in the eye with a most sincere expression on my face (a tactic I find useful when telling the truth) and I said: “Honey, after twenty four years of marriage, I have to confess, I have no idea … where we keep the lip towels.”

The moral of the story …

While this humorous anecdote may seem laughable, I assure you it did happen pretty much just as I told it here. And, it does point up a useful bit of relationship advice: No matter how long you are together, never lose your sense of humour. I’m not saying it will save every marriage, or even any marriage, but it’s loss can put paid to any relationship PDQ.

Today, July 21st 2010, is the day my wife and I celebrate our twenty sixth anniversary, and our humour has stood us in good stead for all of those years. If you are in a relationship or not, remember to laugh, life sucks without laughter.




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