My life is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, everything …

9 07 2010

I ain’t a rainbow kinda guy!

You know, I’m not all rainbows and moonbeams and flower power. Okay, I do appreciate the beauty around me, hell, I photograph things like this more than I do people. Maybe I am, to some extent, somewhat about rainbows. But I’m mud and grease and rocks and “rock and roll” too. I think I’m half way between hippie and suit most of the time.

Some like it hot …

Yesterday I was feeling the heat, as was everyone here in this tired, sweaty town. The night before was hard on many and it was a repeat of the two nights prior, people everywhere were tangled in damp sheets trying to get their minds off the heat and into unconsciousness for a few blessed hours of relief. The morning dawned hot and close and many, who were still awaiting that release that sleep brings, had to get up and get going.

Oops, sorry …

I slept, sorry about that, I often do. It wasn’t as good a sleep as I usually get, but my usual sleep isn’t that great, I usually feel like I’ve been sleeping for just a few minutes and wish I could fall back to sleep again. I can’t, even if I have nothing pressing on my schedule, I always have pressure in my mind.

The morning dragged on to lunch and the afternoon started to feel like the last couple of afternoons, like a hot wet blanket wrapped close around you. By one o’clock, it was so bad we escaped to the mall to hide in the air conditioned byways of commerce. To know how desperate I was to agree to this just read my posts on trash, recycling and shopping.

Must’a passed too close to the pet store, it was raining cats and dogs

While in the mall, my sister-in-law called to ask if we were enjoying the rain. Rain? I ran out to the car to put the windows up, too late of course, and I ended up driving home sitting on a wet seat.

The good news …

But the good thing was that the heat had been broken, the air had freshened and life had returned to the world in which I live. The rain stopped but the afternoon remained clouded and every now and again it would begin to drizzle or even shower a little.

By evening, the cloud cover broke to the west. The sun shone through just as it was setting and a shower started up from the clouds directly overhead. I waited for the light cloudburst to drift to the east. I waited for the rainbow I knew would appear. Gradually it did. Whenever this happens I hear my mothers voice in my head “It is raining and the sun is shining. There will be a rainbow.” This was a quote from a story in one of her school readers from her upper first form. (that’s grade two to you youngsters) She would always say this when a rainbow occurred and then she would laugh and say how much she had loved that story.

The actual rainbow in question ...

The actual rainbow in question ...

“Someday we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and me”

A peace comes over me at this time as it always does when I contemplate my mothers joy – and the amazing reality of rainbows. They require you to be in the centre, the sun must be shining from one direction and in the opposite direction rain must be falling. Then, and only then, will you see a rainbow.

How much like life that is, good on one side, bad on the other, and us caught in the middle. And if you pay attention, really stop and look around, the view from the middle is often spectacular.




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