Shake it up Baby, twist and shout …

23 06 2010

La Belle Province is at it again …

Quebec is once again trying to stir up the rest of the country. This time it was an earth quake. It was felt all the way over here on Ontario’s west coast. Evacuations in Ottawa were of course mandatory, no government can continue to function in the face of a good excuse not to function. And, of course Toronto had some evacuations. (I think that meant that people left buildings, not that they had the crap scared out of them) To date the army hasn’t been called in, but if there had been snow …

Shaken, not stirred!

I was in a conference room when it started. Having suffered recently from vertigo (click link), I wasn’t sure that it was really happening. I thought it might have been my head making me feel like I was shaking. It was not. The room soon began to stir. The presentation was far from boring (“Sexuality from A to Z”) but if it had been, the quake would have woken everyone. (No I’m not going to tell you what I was doing there)

I still got it …

I have a hard time sitting still, I tap my feet, drum my fingers and shift around in my chair (there will be info on this soon). At the conference my wife was sitting to my right. Heather, a good friend and former co-worker of my wife’s was sitting to my left. A sign of how well they both know me is that they both thought immediately that I was jiggling the table, bouncing my chair, bouncing their chairs. (I thought it might have been me at first also) I guess that if two women at a presentation on sexuality think that I can make the earth move then at the age of fifty one, I still got it, eh? All right!

I’m not trying to belittle anyone else’s experience

I know that in other parts of the world these things can mean death, destruction, long periods of economic and health problems and months or even years of rebuilding. Here in Ontario, we have no such issues. If I sound flip about this incident it is because we can be shaken without being damaged. I wish the rest of the world had our stability, I truly do. In fact, I’d love to have you all join us, embrace coloured money, enjoy health care and learn to drink beer that really does have a punch. Just give us a few years to prepare enough pension cheque printers and hire a few more doctors and you’re all in.

Rock and roll is here to stay

On the up side, we can survive these little rock sessions and live to send aid to others who don’t fare so well. It’s one of life’s blessings for Canadians, unless of course, you live on the coast of B.C., sucks to be you guys eh? How’s the dike coming? … and that ark?




One response

24 06 2010

Ha ha, Kelly! Good piece. I was completely oblivious to the fact that even Owen Sound (allegedly) felt the earthquake until a friend called me from New York and said, “Hey, Zoë, are you alright?” And I said, “Of course I am. Why?” “Toronto just had an earthquake…” I thought he was joking. The next day the tornado touched down. About 3 hours ago my NY friend called and said his internet was down, power was out everywhere, they’d had a huge storm. I had just finished telling him this morning that tomorrow, we’re expecting locusts and on Saturday, a plague. Looks like you’ll have plenty more to cover, K! lol

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