Big Government, Small minds …

26 05 2010

On the subject of politics, I often appear to be indifferent. I would caution you from making the mistake of thinking I don’t care. The truth is that I don’t care to join the fray of common government bashing. The things that are complained about are usually orchestrated, pointed out by the opposition. Nor do I care to invest much time in following the latest government and opposition announcements and policies. They are often smoke and mirrors tactics designed to create unrest and draw attention away from incompetence and mismanagement.

No, you pay …

One of my biggest peeves is the penchant of politicians to point at their counterparts at different levels of government and say we need this or that for our region but “they should pay” They like to pretend that the money they have to work with is ours – theirs, yours, and mine – and that it is a finite amount so another government body should be responsible. Guess what, it doesn’t matter which government picks up the tab, the money is all ours, or it was ours at one time.

Everything was great until you came along!

Today, I heard a radio personality condemning the U.S. President. He said that the opposition better get cracking if they’re going to oust him in the next election, “before he ruins the country”. Huh? Ruins the country? Well maybe he’ll knock it down another notch, but ruin it?

… And another thing …

This president took over a country that was left deep in debt by the last presidents “world fixing” policies. Other governments have left the country with different legacies and additional problems.

Mirrors …

A great man, Sir Issac Newton, once said “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Well, that pendulum swings both ways. If the current administration has dug the U.S.A. into a deep hole, it is because they started digging from the bottom of the previous administrations well shaft. I’d suggest shoving the tailings down the shaft and starting over at the surface, but I’d kind of like to see how deep they can go. Anyway, the point is that just like looking in a mirror, one government may look like the opposite of the other, but that’s only on the shiny glass surface.

Smoke …

A situation occurred here in Canada where a provincial government entered an election race telling all and sundry that they were operating in a surplus. We were told that we would be foolish to change horses in the middle of a good ride. The results? They lost the election after several announcements that suggested they were not so flush. Each announcement they made painted a bleaker picture, until the truth of a deficit was finally revealed. By the time the new government took over, the job was one of cutbacks rather than one of adventurous advancement. The result was that the new government was blamed for the problems because of the tunnel vision of the voting body. Everyone remembered the promises that were subsequently broken by the need to accommodate the legacy of the previous provincial administration.

Let’s rethink this thing

It has long been apparent to me that the first criteria of a politician should be that he/she doesn’t want the job. If they do, I would suggest that is a conflict of interest. We should elect people who feel they need to do the job. In fact, we ought to be allowed to elect people without them knowing they’re on the ballot. We could guarantee them their old job back when they’re done and, obviously, add to their pension plan. This way we could select, from big business or small, the person we feel has the ability to address the current issues. Taxes to high? Elect someone who has experience in cutting expenses and fixing waste. Need some big project brought in under budget? Vote for someone who does those kinds of things on a daily basis.

The up side to this is that I’ll never have to worry about getting elected, unless the constituents decide we need a loud mouth with a flip sense of humour in office …




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