Life goes on, and on, and on …

17 05 2010

More grey matter on a motorcycle …

Rolling down the road on my Honda is one of my favourite pastimes. The bike is old but runs well, a testament to Japanese technology, good maintenance and low mileage. I’ve aged a year for every year the bike has aged but I can’t say that I still run well (although my doctor is of Japanese descent).  I’ve gained experience though and I’ve come to this conclusion – “Ageing sucks!”

The golden years are a pain

I don’t mind looking old, but the chronic back ache is getting me down, my constantly changing eye-wear prescription is getting monotonous and I hate that I don’t have the physical stamina I had as a younger man. This last thing manifests itself when I walk long distances or bicycle or try to stay up at night past my bedtime (infer what you must from that last statement, I’ve rewritten it three times and I give up).

How many syndromes does one guy need?

An underlying condition causes me to consume to much coffee, and at my age, that’s bad. I suffer problems from this, at both ends, literally. I have to counteract the caffeine with Saw Palmetto to avoid prostate problems, and sometimes I have to take serc to avoid vertigo. Cutting back on the caffeine causes headaches (withdrawal) and lack of focus or SOMRACS  (silly old man running around in circles syndrome).
Another wrinkle in this maturing thing

I’m not wrinkled yet, but I am looking decidedly grey(I like to call it silver when I’m in a good mood, but grey is what I call it when I’m being honest). Oddly enough, this doesn’t bother me. I like looking like I have a wealth of experience. People listen when I talk, as long I don’t talk to much. I find giving advice like “That could be …” and “Well, there really are no simple answers.” garners me the reputation of being wise. Wise old Taylor – I like that.

Every cloud has at least one …

Another silver lining (pun intended) to this ageing thing – women, young and old, who wouldn’t have given me the time of day when I was a younger man, now chat happily with me. Some flirt openly. I must give the impression of being a harmless old man. I like that a little less, but the results speak for themselves.

Lastly, I’ve recently discovered that if I keep my mouth shut, I sometimes get a seniors discount. This doesn’t happen very often, but I look forward to an increase in this phenomenon as time goes by.

So, in summation, life goes on. We all get older, we all have to deal with it and I’m dealing … but ageing still sucks!




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