Faux Food For Thought

6 05 2010

Faux food

I like the real stuff. Artificial doesn’t do a thing for me. I’m not afraid to say it. I grew up on a farm. No surprise that I’m not fond of artificial food. I’m a butter, milk and eggs guy when it comes to the dairy section, and I don’t believe in turkey franks or chicken ham. I have a hard time just getting past the name “mock chicken,” I’m pretty sure whatever it’s made of isn’t good if all the name says is “This ain’t what it’s made of”.

A good egg?

I don’t know what’s in those cartons that claim to be egg substitutes, either. I probably should find out before my doctor decides I should start using them. I don’t know her very well, she’s new to me. My former doctor is retiring. What new ideas does she have that weren’t in his education.

Stuck in the middle

I understand that I’m reaching middle age, I know that my body is changing and I am trying to keep up, I swear I am. It’s not that I don’t want to take care of myself, it’s that I’m not sure how. Okay, exercise and proper diet, a no brainer, right? But, what is a proper diet? Conflicting info keeps me guessing. There’s few solid answers, answers I’d like now, while I’m still on solid food.

Plastic food?

Some people are telling me I need to switch to margarine while others say that margarine is chemically a sibling of plastic. I stick with butter ’cause that’s what I was raised on, but how do others decide? Some sources say to maintain weight you should eat protein, others say high fibre. Talk of carb-loading versus calorie loading confuses me. Which way do I turn? What do I do?

Food for thought

New issues in my life have caused me to rethink the way I live. I’m not going into details of my personal health here, suffice it to say, I’m looking for ways to help me stay focused. Suggestions on diet and supplements have been made in various sources of information, but, while not disagreeing outright, these sources often seem to be “out of sync” with each other. I’m going to stick with eating the things I appreciate as “good food”, cutting out the “garbage”.

Keep it real

I’ve decided to eat real food. Not as opposed to imaginary, but as opposed to pretend. I don’t eat veggie-burgers. If I want a burger, I’ll eat a burger. If I want vegetables, I’ll eat vegetables. I don’t need to disguise my vegetables as meat in order to feel like I’m getting variety. On the other hand, I can eat a burger, so I get variety. Remember, I’m speaking for me here, you have to find your own way. But I do wonder why people who have made the admirable decision to become vegetarians, disguise their veggy’s as meat?

Where’s the zing?

Not necessarily health related, or at least not yet, decafe coffee is next on my hit list. Like the veggie-burger, decafe makes me wonder. Why bother drinking coffee that has had the coffee taken out. Okay, sure it tastes similar, but where’s the zing. This is a soapbox issue for me, I use caffeine to keep me focused, that’s why I have a problem with the fake stuff. And please, don’t get me started on flavoured coffee! I like my coffee to be coffee flavoured, a novel idea it seems these days.

Die or diet?

I’m worried about people who think they need to lose weight. They tend to look for easy ways. Eating “low fat” and “diet” foods seems commonplace. I read “no added sugar” and “no added fat” on labels for food that don’t need to have sugar and fat added to be bad for you. The label misleads people into believing that these things will help.

Another little bit of smoke and mirrors is the statement by cereal companies that a serving of their cereal with four ounces of milk is a good dietary source of this, that and the other thing. What about without the milk? I must say that I noticed Kellogs lists nutritional values with and without. Good for them. I’ll eat their cereal.

That’s a wrap

So the conclusion for today is to beware of what you eat. Yeah, I know, not much help really, I wish it was more, I truly do, but this blog isn’t about me helping you, it’s about all of us recognizing the folly prevalent in the world and dealing with it individually. If you want someone to hold your hand, that’s fine, but it ain’t me. I gotta go eat …

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post when I take a shot at consumerism … ~ Taylor.




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