Tao ~ my slow path to modern day enlightenment

27 04 2010

Not being one who enjoys conflict, I have been trying to find my way through life peacefully. This way, or Tao, has brought some peace to my life, but some of the peace I sought was illusive. It has taken me many years to discover that there are things in my life that I could not tolerate without at least comment, things that require conflict for resolution to occur. In retrospect, many of these issues are trivial, but in life everything can be broken down into trivial pieces. It is only when the irritation caused by these trivial  pieces is exacerbated by the irritation of other trivial pieces that it becomes a distortion of the way.

This, then, is my Tao, the Tao of Taylor. If it helps you at all, you may be on the wrong path, or you may be able to extrapolate from my way, solutions to  problems on your own path.

An example of a trivial thing that causes my way to seem cluttered or rough is bed skirts. Yes, I am aware that that seems more trivial than you expected, but this is my Tao, not yours. The time I’ve spent assisting with the placement of bed skirts has admittedly  been little, but their meaningless nature has always caused me trouble. Were the beds bashful about having their legs show? No. Was it for warmth that these bed’s frames were dressed? No. Some have said that bed skirts stop dust from collecting under the bed, but I assure you they do not. In fact, dust collects happily, protected under the bed, and is ignored because it is out of sight.

I complained much about the lack of purpose of these ragged pieces of textile, but in the end, they were saved by an alternate observation. It occurred to me that dust needed a place to collect, undisturbed. The world is full of dust spread thin and lonely. Bed skirts allow dust to gather and commune. The way becomes smoother with this revelation.

Join me for more thoughts on the foolishness that our world has found itself dealing with, and thoughts on how I deal with this. Join me in exploring my Tao. ~ Taylor McKinlay




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